Women's Leadership

Good leadership guides others in bringing forth their personal and spiritual gifts for the benefit of community and society as the Body of Christ in the world. It is not limited by gender, race, or any other demographic attribute. Women have always been among the most gifted leaders, although they haven’t always had the range of opportunities to express their leadership gifts and skills in the same public and visible ways as men.

For Episcopal women, the doors to all leadership offices have been officially open for decades. Yet many challenges remain for women who feel called to senior leadership. Women often still must overcome assumptions and biases to prove their leadership ability and expertise in ways that men do not normally encounter. Women from additional under-represented groups can face further biases and challenges.

Cast Wide the Net seeks to share resources and tools that help prepare women to bring out their strongest leadership gifts and skills. If you would like to share a resource that might be helpful to other women, or you would like a resource that isn’t listed, contact the Rev. Meghan F. Froehlich, Director of the Office for Transition Ministry.


Women of Equity: 50/50 in 2020

The Rev. Meghan Froehlich
Missioner for Transition Ministry