The Episcopal Church Virtual Choir and Orchestra

Voices and instruments from across the globe, joining in Easter praise!

Combining nearly 800 submissions from more than 600 participants all around the world, we invite you to celebrate Easter with us as we come together in one voice to proclaim - The Strife is O'er, the battle won!

A special thanks to all who worked to bring this project together:

Arrangement by Erik Meyer, audio engineering and post-production by Kory Caudill and Sean Truskowski, video editing by Tom Verga. Special thanks to The Episcopal Church Office of Communication/Multimedia Services unit and Natalee Hill, director of communications at Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields in Philadelphia, Pa.

And of course, our greatest thanks to each of you who lent your voices and talents to this project. Look for more to come!

Vocal Parts

Click the button to download sheet music and a sing-along track for your vocal part.


Click the button to download sheet music and a play-along track for your instrument.

Tips for recording a great video:

Record your video on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

If you're using a tablet or phone, make sure your phone is horizontal (landscape) and not vertical (portrait). If at all possible, use a tripod for your device or sit the device on something sturdy and stationery.

(Image from

Find a quiet place and use an external microphone if you have one (but not required!).

You don't need to rent a studio to film your part. But, do your best to make sure the ambient noise (dishwashers, fire trucks, barking dogs, TVs, etc.) is at a minimum. The goal is to get a good, clean sound.

Use headphones to listen to the backing track you downloaded with the sheet music. You don't want that audio to be in your video - just your voice / instrument!

Position yourself in the center of the shot, and make sure you're filling up the frame.

Save your file.

Use any standard video file format. .mp4, .mov, .avi all work great.

When you name your file, use this standard naming convention:

Your_Name_Your_Part.mp4 (or .mov, etc.) 

Example: Bishop_Curry_Tuba.mp4