Searching for Literary Translators

Once-in-a-Lifetime project

The Episcopal Church, with headquarters in the United States, is looking for three professional literary translators with demonstrable experience translating religious or liturgical texts to work as consultants in an important, high-visibility project that will have a lasting influence in the work of the Church for many years to come.

The ideal candidates will be fluent in English and native speakers of one additional language: Spanish, French or Haitian Creole.

Because this is a large-scale project that will undergo several tiers of review and revisions, we require a professional who can commit to the work for the entire time it will take to bring it to fruition—approximately 1 ½ years.

You do not need to be based in the United States, but you will need to have reliable Internet access, and be comfortable using email, and online workflow management and meeting tools.

We will only reply to candidates who are a good match and meet the minimum requirements.



Apply online now if you have read and met the requirements to be part of this historic project.



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