Revival in the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia

Join us January 27, 2019, in Roanoke, Virginia, for the 100th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia! The theme of the event is Still in the Mission Field: Following the Holy Spirit, Practicing the Way of Love.

"Diocesan revivals have become a way in our church to renew our faith, renew our commitment, and, as that old hymn says, to "claim the high calling angels cannot share-- to young and old the Gospel gladness bear."

A Prayer for Revival in Southwestern Virginia

Gracious God, for one hundred years you have guided and sustained the mission and ministry of this Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. As we prepare for another century, stir up your life-giving Spirit in our congregations to revive and renew us for the spreading of the Gospel: Draw us out among our neighbors and help us understand the deep longings of their hearts. Guide us forward so that we may be leaven for the world; a gathering strong for service and glad in praise; and a people listening and responding to your presence; through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and steadfast companion. Amen.