Resources for Racial Reconciliation and Justice

Members of the Presiding Bishop’s staff have curated this list of resources for racial justice and reconciliation. This is by no means exhaustive; however, we are aware that many leaders are hoping to deepen their learning, and these resources should help you to move in the right direction.

Presiding Bishop’s Staff Members Focused on Racial Reconciliation and Justice

Charles "Chuck" Wynder, Jr., Officer for Social Justice and Advocacy Engagement
Stephanie Spellers, Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Evangelism and Reconciliation
Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg, Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation


Becoming Beloved Community: Vision, Plan and Resources

As the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, we dream and work to foster Beloved Communities where all people may experience dignity and abundant life and see themselves and others as beloved children of God. The Becoming Beloved Community Vision Document and accompanying resources help us to understand and take up the long-term commitments necessary to form loving, liberating and life-giving relationships with each other. Together, we are growing as reconcilers, justice-makers, and healers in the name of Christ. 

Websites, Videos, Bibliographies and Study Resources

Books and Articles

Anti-Racism/Racial Reconciliation Training Resources

ECCARVisit our page on Anti-Racism/Racial Reconciliation Training Resources to learn more about the Framework for Anti-Racism/Reconciliation Training developed by the Executive Council Committee on Antiracism & Reconciliation (ECCAR) and approved as General Convention Resolution 2018-A044. ECCAR is the official Episcopal Church entity responsible for providing guidance on and tracking of anti-racism and reconciliation activities of the Church.

Consult our Select List of Anti-Racism/Dismantling Racism Training Programs, compiled by The Episcopal Church’s Racial Reconciliation and Justice Team and ECCAR.

The Rev. Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg
Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation