Anti-Racism/Racial Reconciliation Training Resources

This page includes racial reconciliation/anti-racism training organizations and resources known to have been used by those in The Episcopal Church for developing and delivering training. 

Some of the organizations and resources listed have incorporated concepts defined in the Framework for Anti-Racism/Reconciliation Training developed by the Executive Council Committee on Antiracism & Reconciliation (ECCAR) and approved as General Convention Resolution 2018-A044. For an introduction to the Framework, click here.

Consult our Select List of Anti-Racism/Dismantling Racism Training Programs, compiled by The Episcopal Church’s Racial Reconciliation and Justice Team and ECCAR.

ECCAR is the official Episcopal Church entity responsible for providing guidance on and tracking of anti-racism and reconciliation activities of the Church. If you have questions about the Framework or use of any of these resources, please contact your local ECCAR member noted in this contact list.

The Rev. Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg
Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation