Public Affairs Toolkit

Public Affairs Toolkit

Communication is evangelism – and the Office of Communication has many resources to help evangelize the Good News and engage communities in the work of the Episcopal Church. These resources include tools to assist with building awareness of your work, gaining a stronger voice on topics that you care most about, and enhancing perceptions among influential, highly-engaged groups inside and outside the Church.
Included are useful materials, such as forms to develop key messages and create local news media coverage, and a step-by-step guide on how to place your leaders on local opinion pages and websites to gain community leader buy-in on topics important to you. You’ll also find information about other tools, help and counsel available, often at no cost, through the Office of Communication.
These will help enhance your message, broaden your reach and offer tips for placements into regional, secular, and other media – both traditional and social. The goal is to enable you to prepare your messages not only for your diocese but your regional area, your ecumenical partners, and beyond.
The contents reflect items that are designed to make research and facilitation as problem-free as possible. Contents include:

Getting started – an easy how-to guide for getting started in preparing materials, news releases, op-eds, etc.

Catalog – a list of important topics, along with any actions taken by The Episcopal Church and General Convention.

Topics – topics of interest that you may want to address, whether liturgically, socially, or the hot news that people are discussing.

An Episcopal Church Fast Fact (consider using this info in your newsletters, online notices, websites, etc.)

In this triennium, the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society has awarded: $950,000 in Province IX sustainability awards; $204,348 in Campus Ministry grants; $221,820 for Indigenous Theological Training; $482,100 in CETLAC funds; $314,143 in Constable Fund awards; $255,790 in Conant Fund grants; $412,365 in Roanridge funds; $179,002 for seminary consultation on mission; $497,193 in scholarships. (Pages 42-43 in Report To The Church 2015)

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