Preparing to Become Beloved Community

Advent is a season of preparation: shopping for gifts, decorating our homes and sanctuaries. Advent is also a time to prepare our hearts and communities for the coming of Christ, the Almighty God who came among us poor and homeless, a stranger and a child. There may be no better time to reflect on how we as the Episcopal Church embrace the Holy One who continues to draw near in the neighbor, the stranger, the refugee, or the one who seems most “other” to you. It is the ideal season to commit to becoming Beloved Community and growing loving, liberating, life-giving relationships across the human family of God.

As you “walk” sections of this labyrinth, gather a group, and together engage the scriptures, reflections, and activities. Designate a facilitator who will carefully preview the session. Set aside at least 45 minutes for each session, and consider these Conversation Tips:

  • Speak from your own experience.

  • Be genuinely curious about what others share.

  • Imagine you can disagree without someone being wrong.

  • Avoid debate and stay with the story.

  • Seek Christ in others and seek to embody his loving, liberating, life-giving way. 

You will find printer-friendly online resources and alternative activities for a variety of contexts at Feel free to also explore daily offerings and ongoing conversation about Becoming Beloved Community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

The Rev. Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg
Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation