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Pray for healing for my beloved son as he battles cancer
- Laurie S
Please pray for Marilyn and Lisa Ann J. at Xmas and New Year
- CatherineC
Please help me to pray humbly for the Grace & Protection of the Lord in my life; guided by the Holy Spirit I can be. In the name of Jesus,amen
Please pray for St. Peters parish of Salisbury Maryland, continue to make it a growing faith filled community in Jesus Christ.
- Mike
Please pray for me to find healing in losing both of my parents and to not be so lost through young adulthood
- Michelle members
Please help me pay our electricity bill and get our power turned back on. Please help me find a way to support my family.
- Liz
Prayer request : please help me not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel.
- LI
Please help me in prayer that there is in the future an international total Law for animal rights such as not killing them for food for fur.
- Beatrice
For my marriage. Emotional and physical healing. My children. My daughter speedy recovery from surgery. My friend Misti healed from drugs. My brothers in prison
- Evelyn