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Pray for Sandra H. for her to recover from a defficult divorce,to prosper,and have emotional healing,reconcile with our daughters
- Jerry H.
Please keep Mike A (and his parents) in prayer. Pray that he will have an open mind/heart to hearing God's word and applying it to his own life/circumstances. He has been through a lot. I love him very much!
- Lisa B.
Please pray for my mom. She will start radiation treatments on her neck for the constant pain of cancer that has metastasized into the bone in her neck, and praying that her ongoing chemo treatments will destroy the remainder of the cancer in her body.
- Lisa B.
Dear Lord, Please grant me the wisdom to understand the meaning and hope of my purpose. Please provide strength in this journey towards redemption in hopes that my failures will provide meaning to others.
- Michael B.
please pray for my wife leslie who is standing tall with the faith of the lord while battling brain cancer.
- paul a
Let us hold our brother, Jon Bruno, up into the healing Light of Jesus' Name.
- Christopher E.
Please heal Carlos Escobar and look over his family and keep them safe.
- Clarice M.
Lord, if you see it fit, please bless us with a healthy child, so that we may show him the wonders of this world.
- Katherine G.
Please pray for Jordan. That he finds a job that is right for him.
- Rob M.