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Thanksgiving for the diocese of New Hampshire's newly elected bishop, and prayers for the health and well being of he and his family as they make the transition from "family of the rector" to "bishop's family"
- Stephen L
Patrick Payton of Tucson-health problem and in pain-also Raymond Puffer for suggesting your website-thank you...
- Gerald S
Please pray for strength & recovery from drug withdrawal. To feel good again. Please pray. Thank you
- Shirley W
Holy Spirit, please comfort my sister, who just lost her husband of 45 years.
- Archie P.
Please help us sell this apartment, so we can afford to move forward in our relationship by living together.
- Dan. C.
Please bring comfort to the families of Trayvon, Nic and Jeremy who have lost their dear boys.
- Angela B
Please pray for the family of Barbara Miles. Barbara died unexpectedly and her funeral is at your church this Saturday.
- Susan S.
For strenght in this troubled time, I need guidance and hope.
- H Haddock
I pray that God uses the radiation treatments to shrink Brian's brain tumor today, and a little more each day until it is destroyed. God, please help Brian improve.
- Nicole N.