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Please help me to consecrate my life to Jesus, I place in the Lord's hands all my actions. Blessed be in the name of Jesus, Am
- Rob
I pray for the people of the Bahamas. Lord be with them as they recover. Give them strength and courage to rebuild. And help me to help those in need.
- Candice T.
Pray for my mom Vikki my friend Kalie that their bodies heal from cancer and radiation, our family, selling of their house thank you for gifts
- Rachel
Almighty God, you have created all things with love. Grant that we, as a Church, bound together by your mercy may lead in love, letting all who see walk in love
- Alex C.
Prayers for healing for Cancer the Cochran Family in Ohio. Also for the family in Pennsylvania!
- Grace C.
To find an Episcopal church to offer gluten free wafers & grape juice. It matters. Better education for church leaders. Growing access for Christ.
- Bird
For My wife Anna to accept the advice of the Dermatologist to get the remaining cancerous skin cells removed by the surgeon.
- Leslie J
For spouse to get a job-- he's struggling with unemployment after almost 20 yrs at the same company. He's struggling. Prayers for resolution & peace.
- UB
Please pray for my deliverance from depression and anxiety.
- Ny