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For my Church family that is hurting. For guidance and peace and vision.
- T
I would like to pray for everyone on this planet and that no matter what they believe in, that they find peace and happiness in every moment of every day.
- Zaria
Thank you Jesus for work today. May you please pray for The Lord's wisdom and spiritual direction for His non profit. My mother's health and me.
- Mimi
Please heal my brother's confusion let it not be anything serious.
- Joyce
My prayer to God that My friend Jan is free of cancer and illness here forward and our faith supports this healing.
- Catherine
That I receive the job I have applied for.
- Curtis
Lord, please grant me the strength to understand the choices of those around me and why others act out against what’s different.
- Smith
I am a mother of two and a drug addict I hurt my kids on a daily basis. I have lost my job I have no friends except drug addicts I don't want this life please f
- Madelle
Please help me pray that I may find comfort, fulfillment, and peace in my life and not hurt others as I find my way. Thank you
- N