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My husband and I are moving to teach in a small town, but we can’t find a buyer for our home. Prayers for a buyer for our home in God’s good time.
- The Millers
Please pray that my illness will be resolved soon. It has been a debilitating struggle.
- Eric C.
Twice now I’ve been emotionally manipulated and abused in relationships with Christians. I need God’s help to feel like I’m worth loving.
- Andy C.
Prayers for Donna her body to heal quickly & stay strong, calm her fears, for her faith to stay strong & her spirits be lifted. I appreciate it!
- Dawn
Prayers for my brother in law Jim. He is undergoing treatment for liver cancer.
- Carla G
For my boyfriend, who has undiagnosed ADD. Please pray he is able to stick with his diet & exercise routine that help keep him stable & that he can avoid stress
- Laura
Can you all pray for me to get my car fixed or get help to get another one thanks and God bless you all
- Sondra
For everyone suffering from dementia, and all those who love them.
- Kate B.
Prayers for my Father Daniel in his recovery from a recent heart attack. May the Lord heal him in mind and body Amen.
- Daniel Menna Jr.