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Pray for Mike, living with dementia. David, prostrate cancer. Jeff in a memory care.
- Carol
There is a company I want to work for, that the Holy Spirit talks to me about when I pray. Please God, send an opportunity my way. Help me believe it's possible
- Emma
I wish to ask for prayers this week, especially on Friday, as I face a difficult situation that may be just too much for me to handle right now.
- Elizabeth
Pray for answers to all the heartache I've recently endures and for a new fulfilling career that allows me to serve Christ
- Marissa K
Pray for our leaders and most especially our president that they guide our nation by the wisdom of God.
- Hiram Abiff
For my mom & I, that Jesus will give us justice very soon for the abuse that we endured for years from a man who is unremorseful about the trauma he caused us.
- Marissa R.
My prayer is that I need a lot of help. Am worried that I may.
- Renee
The Episcopal church needs to provide guidance to the US regarding the golden rule....Regarding BLM. Please Please participate and lead.
- Susanne Dickinson
Please pray for rain and safety for the families and residents affected by the California wildfires
- Victor