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Please say a prayer for our political leaders. May they start taking care of those in need. May they love thy neighbor as thyself. Lord hear all our prayers.
- Nathan S
Prayers for my sister Patty who is battling breast cancer.
- Nancy W
Please pray fervently that Marcos L. be guided by the Holy Spirit. May all his actions be tied up in the Lord's hands.
Please pray for those unemployed due to COVID and pray for their emotional distress and anxiety they are experiencing. GHB
- Gloryanne
Please say a prayer for me and my family, I recently had arthroscopic Knee Surgery and Am not healing properly. Thank you and God Bless You
- Anisa K
Please, pray for my grandma Marilda. She is still intubated due to COVID-19 but now she got a serious bacterial infection while in ICU. She means a lot to me.
- Felipe
I pray for the repose of the soul of Melissa, and for the family and friends who loved her as they grieve.
- C.
Please pray for my protection from long term domestic violence (emotional and psychological abuse) from my maternal grandmother. Her cronnies are now after me.
- Natasha
Please Pray for my Father Clint Jr. who has several health Issues COPD, back pain, others. Thanking you in advance for your prayers.
- Jackie F.