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Please pray for our Lord Jesus to rescue me from the stress of living with an emotionally abusive parent and bless me with peace and healthy coping skills.
- Marissa
Please continue, praying for the release of Michele, and for the lord's mercy in her life, and for the lord's grace and protection in my life and work, amen
Father, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, please protect Jeremy who is in quarantine, and protect our family, and please bring peace. We are all distressed.
- Ben
For Paul Z. who is battling Covid-19. Send him love and healing prayers.
- Juli, Rob and Will James
How can we celebrate when heaven is silent!? We need help and answers. We need protection from evil.
- Brian
That people keep their word. People’s lives depend upon a person keeping their word!
- Brian
O God our Defender, protect us from the COVID-19 that threaten to destroy your creation, fill us with concern for others as we care for ourselves in Jesus name
- HelenB
Sending warmth and light to Dyer the Flyer as he convalesces from a collision March 25. May God’s healing strength repair the seven broken bones. Amen
- Nancy D.
My friend from childhood is slowly getting better. All thanks be to the One who redeems and sustains us!
- Carla G.