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Prayers for Antwon S, Jordan S, Lynn J, Renita J, Horace J, Raleigh J, Lynetta C, Nancy W and Lisa R
- Lisa R.
Please join me in praying for Naomi B. of CO. Recently diagnosed w/ aggressive AML. Prayers for her healing, the wisdom of her doctors. Amen!
- Blair R.
Please help me to humbly pray for deliverance and healing in Iranice Tavares's life; may she be guided by the Holy Spirit, amen
I pray that I might become strong in mind and spirit so I can be strong for my lovely wife and beautiful son and recover so that I can live again
- Jim A
Please pray for our military Veterans and all those serving at home and abroad.
- Bill T
Please pray for those who are suffering, pray for those who are suffering in silence, those who need our prayers the most. Pray for humanity.
- Solomon K
PLEASE pray for me and my family. I lost my husband last month, June 24 to cancer. My heart aches
- Lisa R
Holy God, watch over and protect my sister Nancy and her family. Her home is now in Minneapolis. May your calm & justice prevail. Amen.
- Mary G.
Please pray for Caroline, a kind and smart college student, who was injured in a car accident Sunday and is in the ICU. Please pray for her to wake and heal.
- Maria R.