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kindness. peace. love. justice.
- matty z.
Gracious and Eternal God, accept our offering of this New Year that we may be your hands and feet in this world for we make this prayer in Jesus' Holy Name. Amen.
- Christopher E.
for lack of forthright gifting of the Spirit, i ask our simple indulgence of offerings.
- Pamela K.
O God of Love, Courage, Hope and Peace, we trust in Your presence even when we are too busy looking for You and fail to rest in Your presence. Help us let go of our desires, hopes and sometimes-unquestionable expectations. For You are with us always.
- Karl S
For mission and missionaries
- Mary C.
For the increase of understanding and peace among all peoples in 2012, that they may turn their swords to plowshares.
- Mike C.
Healing and peace for Michael, who is having a malignant tumor and his kidney removed on January 3.
- Linda T.
Dear Lord, I pray that all may find peace in their lives, in their worship, in their ministry to others, and especially in the world.
- Martha S.
please pray for Dicky Collins and all the crew on his ship as he goes through the Strai of Hormuz in this radical time..thank you
- Susan C.