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Blessed are all you who pray in the name of Jesus for the liberation and healing of Michele, amen
- Rob
For the repose of the soul of Jordan S., and for his children and family
- GA
Pray for LM, who is battling cancer, that God will giver her strength, courage, and healing. Also for her family, for faith and strength. Amen.
- GA
Please pray I will find another job very soon
- crystal vines
Prayers for the security of my husband's job. Please pray for me to find a better job in my field. Also, to help my children to be happy and healthy and safe.
- Steph
Please pray for me, that I may be free from my besetting sin, a thorn in my flesh, this Lent and beyond. God bless. Pray also for my family.
- Stephen (in Ireland)
I'm Crystal. I'm asking for the Saint's to please pray for me my purse was stolen all my money was in it to even my rent money for March.
- Crystal
Please pray for my family and i that i can get helo with my shut off notice for consumers so my children will not be in the cold and dark. Please lord help us
- Danielle B
Pray that I can let go of my addictions and let God take charge.
- April