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please pray for cindy palmitter hip surgery releif of pain
- crystal g
Lord comfort my friend Doug Duncan in his battle with cancer.
- Bobby D
Please pray for me to keep my job. I don't want anyone to tell management lies about me to make me loose my job. Thank you for your prayers
- RA
Please pray for Linda who is experiencing uterine problems, for Kassandra, Ashlie, Calvin and Alex who live with emotionally abusive parents and for the parents, for all who are confused and hurting after reading the proposed church budget.
- Patricia E.
Kevin has serious health conditions,for which he is receiving care. Pray also for his wife and everyone in his life.
- Clifford G.
Dear Lord, please guide me back to New York, where my identity could be found in the episcopal church, where my faith could be nourished and where I can shine more brightly for God's glory.
- Yoko.Q
almighty god, pleas allow my child to be born soon. and that i can pay the rent and bills.
- steven c.
Please help Margot deal with her situation. And help her not be afraid.
- Nancy
Dear Lord, please guide my son and watch over him.
- Walter L.