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I continue to pray for God's forgiveness. I pray that Jason can forgive me for the lies and hurt I caused. I pray our love is strong enough to conquer this, and that our relationship will be stronger for it.
- Heather B.
thank you for the calling into missions
- mrs. crystal gardner-asher
Lord please help my marriage turn around. Please help my husband to return to his loving nature and acceptance of me for who I am. Please help me to continue to strive towards the betterment of our relationship. We are in need of your direction.
- Kathleen D.
Please restore my relationship with Jason.Open his heart so that he loses his bitterness and hurtfulness. Help me confront my problems instead of hiding behind a bottle.Open his eyes to see I am still the same woman he fell in love with.
- Heather B.
For my best friend, Kevin, who is in ICU at the Veterans Hospital He has very severe liver problems . May the Lord grant him peace and give him the strength to accept the pain he is enduring.
- Joanne R.
Dear God, I need Your help with this religion assignment.
- Mark M.
thank you for praying for cindy palmitter my mother @sparrow haspital lansing mi
- crystal gardner-asher
Please help all the girls in my therapy group be strong and heal. Let them be happy and unafraid.
- Mary B.
That I can find a job, Having worked for a religious non-profit I have no unemployment insurance
- Marcheta C