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Please pray for my parents. My stepfather is not able to work and is not receiving any help and my mother has lost her job and has not been able to find another one. Please pray that the Lord's will is done.
- Racheal T.
Please pray for freedom from anxiety and panic attacks for myself and for peace of mind for all who suffer with this debilitating condition. AMEN
- James H.
Please pray for my sister, who is in the midst of the college process, for my mother who is awaiting a job offer, and my dad in all of his travels.
- Carolyn L.
I continue to pray for God's forgiveness. I pray that Jason can forgive me for the lies and hurt I caused. I pray our love is strong enough to conquer this, and that our relationship will be stronger for it.
- Heather B.
thank you for the calling into missions
- mrs. crystal gardner-asher
Lord please help my marriage turn around. Please help my husband to return to his loving nature and acceptance of me for who I am. Please help me to continue to strive towards the betterment of our relationship. We are in need of your direction.
- Kathleen D.
Please restore my relationship with Jason.Open his heart so that he loses his bitterness and hurtfulness. Help me confront my problems instead of hiding behind a bottle.Open his eyes to see I am still the same woman he fell in love with.
- Heather B.
For my best friend, Kevin, who is in ICU at the Veterans Hospital He has very severe liver problems . May the Lord grant him peace and give him the strength to accept the pain he is enduring.
- Joanne R.
Dear God, I need Your help with this religion assignment.
- Mark M.