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Our family friend & moms hs classmate Karen has cancer; chemo is the only thing keeping her alive. May she recover fully. In Jesus’ name.
- Daniel M
Pray for Reyna, who is having trouble finding a job with health insurance and other benefits.
- M. A.
Please pray for the Lord's protection and intercession in the lives of Rebecca & Maria, in the name of Jesus, amen
- Rob
Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. Pray that I continue to trust and walk in God's will.
- H.M.
Pray for Kurt P. Overwhelmed with daily tasks, working long hours, tough life events, health issues, loss during recent California wildfires and fear. Amen
- V.K.A.
Please pray for me to the Lord our God to renew me mentally and emotionally, and to help me make the right decisions. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.
- Joe
Please pray for me to trust God daily, let him repair my life and give me wisdom to make good decisions. My heart is broken and I don’t know what to do. Amen
- Vlado A
Financial situation for me and my kids. I need help with utilities and I have not been work as much and my lease office file for eviction. I pray get the help.
- Latteria
I ask for prayers to help me discern which role at work I should take.
- Bobby