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Please pray for my husband and his salvation. He’s a good man, husband and father and the seed has been planted.
- J da S
Please keep Jon & Kat D. close in your prayers. They are healthcare workers in this pandemic. The Covid virus is very bad here. Thank you.
- Andi
Can you pray with me to get permanent custody of my son (7 year old) and my daughter (11 year old).
- Jamal
Please pray for me to get out of debt. Pray for me to get out of debt, pay off my home, & save for retirement amen.
- Attallah Hodges
Pray for my best friend Jon. He has suicidal OCD. I pray every day: I do not lose him to this disease. Also, God told me Jon is my soul mate. Pray for him.
- Attallah Hodges
Please pray for Wayne's health to improve and for our family to make wise decisions.
- Todd
For Angela & family. For my parents. For me as I await a diagnosis.
- AW
Please pray for Riley, my teenage daughter who is suffering through some mental health issues
- Mike B
Please pray for Polly, a beloved family member, who is battling cancer.
- Jake