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Please pray for those who are discerning the priesthood, please pray that God will call more people to serve him. In Jesus name amen.
- Robert H
Let us pray that our church doesn’t lose sight of what’s most important during these troubled times, that our lord and savior Jesus Christ gave himself for us.
- Weston H
Please pray that my grandson grows in wisdom and makes wise decisions and the safety of his family.
- Lucille c
Please pray for the Mercy & Healing of the Lord in the lives of Maria & Michele R. And for the Grace & Protection of the Lord in my Live
God, please give me strength to love the people I disagree with.
- Mikael S
Please pray that I (Raajiv) get back my doctor internship job which I had lost due to illness as soon as possible, esp during these Coronavirus disease times.
- Raajiv
I pray for the rector of my parish, who is anguished by the death of George Floyd and the response to peaceful protests by the current administration.
- Anne S.
I pray that god protects my family and brings peace. May any illnesses that come our way be defeated. Amen
- Larry B
Please pray for the family of George Floyd.
- Mike B