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Please pray for my mom, Catherine. She is ill and suffering and we need a miracle.
- J. H.
Been 5 months since my rejection by Crystal. May she make an outsanding overture for positive reconciliation. Holy Spirit reveal to me an attitude to adopt. May this situation be for my ultimate benefit. I give thanks in advance for the answer
- Lyndon C.
James Powell for healing, Claire for healing from cancer, Juliet for healing from behavior problems, myself for religious vocation.
- Claudette P.
Healing and peace for Shannon
- Emilie O'Connor
For my dad's health.
- Kathryn L.
I wanna thank God for blessing my family and helping us keep our house from foreclosure. Thank you Jesus for helping me stay clean off those pills. God is so good!!! Thank you all for your prayers.
- H Haddock
Ask for God's wisdom and guidance while on medical leave, with no income.
- Daryl C.
Please pray for Patricia Garrett and her 4 kids, her husband Ryan was killed this morning in a car accident comeing home from work.
- Holly H.
Lord give me strengh to overcome my addictions and do your will.
- Holly H