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... for my friend, who is in ICU. For his care team & family.
- Georgia
Pray for the healing of my husband and our marriage. Pray that the Lord will call my sons.
- Rachel R.
Please pray for me ... medical problems Left me out of work for a few months and I can't catch up.
- Donna s
Please pray for me. I made psychotic violent threats towards the victim of sexual harrassment and physical violence committed by a friend of mine in Florida
- Selecia
Blessed are all you who pray in the name of Jesus for the liberation and healing of Michele, amen
- Rob
For the repose of the soul of Jordan S., and for his children and family
- GA
Pray for LM, who is battling cancer, that God will giver her strength, courage, and healing. Also for her family, for faith and strength. Amen.
- GA
Please pray I will find another job very soon
- crystal vines
Prayers for the security of my husband's job. Please pray for me to find a better job in my field. Also, to help my children to be happy and healthy and safe.
- Steph