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I pray that the Episcopal House of Bishops will speak out strongly on what it will take to make the Peace of Jerusalem a fact on the ground. "And that," as the Psalmist says, "right early".
- The Rev. Roy Hayes
For Tyler, who is stricken with cancer and undergoing painful chemotherapy treatments.
- Jacob M.
For the Peace of Jerusalem
- Roy H.
I pray that the mercy of God and all his love surround the earth.
- Jeff S.
Pido oración urgente por un tío que fue internado en el hospital gravemente coloquen en oración a la fam Santiago.
- L.R.Santiago
For discernment as I struggle in seminary with being Lutheran or Anglican.
- Brach
Almighty God, please make my daughter Georgia's depression easier for her to cope with, and may your Holy Spirit bring her to a Christian life.
- George E.
I pray for my son - help him find the job he deserves and needs. Thank you for all your blessings to our family great & small.
- Beth Z.
Dear God, following the sudden and unexpected loss of my wife, please help me gather strength and courage to affirm life, knowing that you are with me every step of the way.
- Ron H.