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Please Pray for my Father Clint Jr. who has several health Issues COPD, back pain, others. Thanking you in advance for your prayers.
- Jackie F.
Please pray for my Mother Geraldine who is going through 16 days of radiation for Breast Cancer. Thanks
- Jackie
My prayers go out to the family of Cino T. His passing is a great loss to many people. Rest In Peace, always TCB in heaven⚡️⚡️⚡️
- JoAnn P
pray that I can get a job that can support my family and allow me to utilize my gifts.
- Curtis B
I would like to request prayer for a dear friend who is recovering from detached retina surgery.
- Martin
I would like to ask your prayers as I face a potentially difficult meeting this week Friday.
- Elizabeth
Pray for my health, I might have Cancer, and the wait is unbearable. Erika
- Erika
Pray for Mike, living with dementia. David, prostrate cancer. Jeff in a memory care.
- Carol
There is a company I want to work for, that the Holy Spirit talks to me about when I pray. Please God, send an opportunity my way. Help me believe it's possible
- Emma