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Please pray for my father Kiro who had a stoke on Friday. He is in the ER, not able to move or speak. We are heartbroken and scared, but God can heal him.
- Vlado A
For God's direction & discernment; for the right door to open. Also, praise for God's continued provision & working behind the scenes while I wait.
- Heidi R.
To God I apologize for not taking care of myself and not following my doctors instructions please forgive me. Amen
- Natasha
Pray that this cancer test is negative, but if I have cancer again, that the Lord will help me through it again.
- Vicki
Please pray for healing for my teen son who suffers for mental health issues. Pray also for our search for a dog that could provide comfort and love for him.
- May
For my friend Pam D. who is in alcoholic recovery and has several other issues. She had hip surgery, fell and her replacement slipped.
- Terrie W.
Please help Chris find his way . . . to you, work, good health and a loving relationship with family.
- j
My car is broke down and I lost my job. Pray my tax comes in to fix the car so my family doesn't lose everything.
- Henry
I pray to Jesus that family to withstand ice and fire to he that hear me I will shout glory to his name.
- Roshaune