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God bless our world's leaders and help them find a way to bring peace to the suffering people
- Cheryl W
Health and happiness for all those in need
- Mary C.
Por la Iglesia Episcopal en Colombia / For the Episcopal Church in Colombia
- Edgar G.
I pray for peace of mind and tenderness of heart
- scott spindler
Oh LORD, under whose sheltering wings we can always rest in safety, please watch over your beloved child Lori and the child she carries.
- Leslie S.
Please pray for my husband and I as we consider joining the Episcopal church. Pray that God may direct us and all Christians to the local congregations where we may best serve him. Pray for the unity and common witness of all Christians. Pbwu.
- Jenna K.
God, I have been so troubled this past year. But I am so thankful you have come into my life. Please continue to guide me and forgive me and be my strength. Please help my family heal, and please continue to take care of Mike and my mother.
- Tony K.
Pray for those who are unemployed and underemployed that they may find fulfilling work.
- Susan B.
Please hear my prayer--not just for myself, but for those I love who are struggling for hope and strength. We need you to help us find our way because we are in the dark. And please help that lady who may be homeless. To whom can we go but to you?