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Prayer requests needed for my niece who is struggling to get better, she's in the ICU, fighting for her life. Her name is Mary Elizabeth she's only 28 yrs.old
- Mary Elizabeth
Please pray for me to find a job that can pay all my bills and offer medical care. Thank you.
- Krystal S.
prayer needed for Philip L and his contunied problems with lung disease.
- Eva A-
please pray for the success of my new supplement launch for physical therapy patients
- JP
I pray that our finances can be healed so that we can be able to survive and help thers
- Ruby D
I need help with my Mother who is going on 85 and in a nursing home she wants to go home but she needs 24 hour care and I can't afford it. Please pray for her.
- JamesH
Please help me to continue praying that the Holy Spirit will intercede in My actions and in the actions of Ana; may our actions become God's blessings.
I pray for guidance. To know what to do and which way to go.
- H.M.
I am in need of help with a security deposit for myself and special needs daughter. We are currently living in our car.
- Misty