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for the 4,486 families of soldiers killed in Iraq, and countless injured visibly and invisibly.
- Kathy s
For Harrison, ten years old, recently diagnosed with leukemia and for his family: awareness of healing, peace and love.
- Rebecca L.
Thanksgiving for healing on Ash Mathews who had surgery today, the medical team & Denise, wife. He's musician @ Holy Family, Miami Gardens, Fl.
- Horace w.
For God to Heal the girl 4 year old Amanda Sofia (Puerto Rico), and works the miracle required for you to walk
- Bryan V.
Dear Lord, welcome home Dean, Fleury, and Helen. May they go from strength to strength in your heavenly kingdom. Comfort their families and friends during this sad time.
- Mary B.
Pido la oración por los enfermos, por protección y cuidado para los más débiles, por la paz y la sabiduría y por un sistema judicial más justo.
- Mildred G.
Pido la oración por los que sufren por la pérdida de un ser querido, por fortaleza, consuelo y paz interior en los momentos de aflicción.
- Mildred G.
For life, for health, for hope, for beautiful bountiful blessing. All praise to the Source of being.
- Samuel J.
May the LORD bless you and keep you - May the LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you - May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace.
- ~Anonymous