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To put my health as a priority and not give in to cravings. To be more like Jesus and love my boyfriend the right way according to Godly-wisdom.
- Meg
Jesus, please bring Scott home safely
- F
Jesus, help me to love the right man in the right way. Thank you for having pointed towards a direction.
- Woman
Please pray for my childhood best friend Debra who is taking care of a sick family and is facing homelessness. I'm deeply grateful, thank you.
- Karla F.
My prayer is to have prosperity, peace & happiness. To have blessed & prosperous tax year at work, meeting all goals/expectations.The nonprofit to be prosperous
- Lisa
For relief from my binge eating disorder. That I learn to have a better relationship with food, myself, and most importantly God.
- Mahogany G.
My mother 82, has severe painful arthritis and edema, fell, broke her leg and then contracted MRSA. Please dear God take away her pain, heal her, she is afraid.
- Pamela
For every LGBTQ+ youth and elder, to have peaceful days and no more worries.
- Castor
Please join me in prayer for Michelle who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, in Christ’s name I pray.
- Michelle