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I ask your prayers for me personally for cancer that my doctors say may give me another 5 years of life.
- Randall L. J.
Pray that my son does not separate himself and my granddaughter from me. That he allows me to baptize her, already 5, in the Episcopal Church.
- Blanca
Pls pls pray for the protection of me and my family from Coronavirus and all other harmful diseases.
- Sony M
Pray for the safety of voters and poll workers during COVID-19.
- Anne
Pray that Jason would recognize Jesus loves him and accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord.
For recovery from emergency brain surgery I am asking for prayers to heal the wounds of my 82 year old father. Most merciful Lord have mercy on Sam D
- Nancy
because my sons have set their love on the LORD, they will be delivered, because they have known his name. I pray this for all who love God and his son Jesus
- Tanya M
It is my heart's desire to adopt my foster daughter and to raise her in Christ. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to intercede with the court & CPS.
- Melody
Send prayers to Dyer the Flyer for recovery from emergency brain surgery, resulting from a chronic subdural hematoma. Lord hear our prayers.
- N. Dyer