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for our Sister, Joyce, already isolated by disease from her church and friends for nearly a year, that she may be comforted by prayer and God's presence.
- Rebecca O.
May all those whose prayers appear here, and those whose prayers are offered in private be lifted up to your loving and compassionate Presence. Hear us Lord
- Nancy
Father we thank you for Your grace! Grant each of us Your peace in these times.
Heavenly Father; I pray for healing of this horrible virus that's going around the world making people sick and people dying from it also.
- Sandra
Most Holy Lord I humbly request Your guiding hand in helping the researchers find a vaccine quickly for this virus. Please Dear Lord help us all. Amen.
- Andrea
Dad just died from cancer. One son is quarantined in Czechia. Other son's fiancé has COVID-19 and is quarantined in Spain. My mom now sick in U.S. Pray 4 us all
- J.A.S.
For son Alex who lives in Chicago. His main income is from his restaurant job. It is now closed. May he & others who are now jobless find relief soon.
- Pam
Pray for those going through any illness and that they may be comforted . God is with them and by them always. Amen.
- Alan
My mother who is my best friend has been diagnosed with cancer. Tomorrow we find out more. Please pray for her. Thank you.
- Alan