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PLEASE pray for me and my family. I lost my husband last month, June 24 to cancer. My heart aches
- Lisa R
Holy God, watch over and protect my sister Nancy and her family. Her home is now in Minneapolis. May your calm & justice prevail. Amen.
- Mary G.
Please pray for Caroline, a kind and smart college student, who was injured in a car accident Sunday and is in the ICU. Please pray for her to wake and heal.
- Maria R.
Please pray that God reveal his truth to me. Please pray that he forgive and help my depression, ptsd and anxiety. Thank you and God bless.
- Christine
Please pray for all those who are being persecuted for being Christians. Pray for our priests and bishops who are serving in hostile lands.
- Hiram A
I pray that the Church continues to defend the separation of church and state, Jesus says do not love the world or the things in the world. 1 John 2:15
- Tanya
Please pray about my nerves, depression, anxiety, kidneys, fatigue, autism, bipolar, salvation, hurt from past, fear of future etc. Thanks
- Jamey P.
Please pray for relief from suicidal urges and self hate for being gay. My kin would disown me if known. I'm alone, losing my partner of 3 years, I have no one.
- Mike P
Please pray for my husband Keith; cardiac cath scheduled, and that recommended procedure will restore this health and vitality
- Diane