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That the Lord can show His grace toward all the immigrants, documented and undocumented, have a chance in being able to live in this Country out of the shadows. In Jesus' name. Amen.
- Livingstone P.
For discernment of my next call, and to get God's answer before my money runs out
- Charlotte W.+
that GOD puts the necessary means so that I fulfill his will in my life serving him in my vocation to the priesthood in which I have been called.
- carlos r.
Lord, Please bless the young woman I love with acceptance to the college she has been waitlisted from, and that, beginning next fall, we can be frequently together and delight in each other for the remainder of our lives. Amen.
- Chaz N
Dear Lord help me to trust you completely in this time of economic hardship, and believe that You are guiding me to find work that will use my gifts according to your purpose.
- Adrien W.
God, Thank you so much from taking me from near death by suicide to the happy soul I am today. The joy I have in my heart when I think of Your love is amazing. I hope I can continue to spread Your word and love throughout my years on earth.
- Logan N
Lord I pray for wisdom, to understand your true message and to mask out "spin" by all religions. In my quest for the truth I appologize if I seem heretical or blasphemous, I only want to understand your word.
- Edward S
Healing for my fiance Steve Romero who is battling cancer and an orphan disease called hidradenitis suppurativa.
- Sara M
Lord please help Lupe Vargas who had a heart attack this afternoon. Pleas protect her family and lift them up in your eternal Spirit. In your son our savior Jesus name. Amen
- Jim K