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Almighty Father, please bless my cousin and her husband, and their daughter, as they cope with the death of their 15-month-old son. Please send then hope, comfort, strength, peace, faith, and love during this difficult time. In the name of Jesus, Amen!
- Matthew S.
For God's will to be revealed in my life. For his grace, protection, and strength. And for an increase in faith, hope, and love in my life.
- Brad V
oren mi vocacion porque he sido llamado al sacerdocio, pidan porque mi situacion economica es muy complicada en estos momentos de mi vida, ademas mi salud esta delicada.
Unity within the Anglican Communion, and with our brothers and sisters outside the A.C.
- William W.
Dear God, Please help me get over this heartbreak, and help me find the right person.
- Tully M
For Mary that she may be relieved of the intense pain in her hip and for doctors that can find a solution.
- Barb W.
Pido por mi dicernimiento al sacerdocio un llamado que no puedo ignorar.
- Hector
Dear God, I pray that you will grant our son's judge compassion tomorrow when deciding on his child and our grandson's custody. Please help our son and family get through this trying time.
- nmo
Dear God, Please bless my friend Brenda, she has cancer.
- Janice C