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I ask for prayer for my vocation, since I have been called by GOD in my vocation to the priesthood, pray to GOD so that it puts the economic necessary resources so that I could be a priest.
- carlos R.
Thank you for prayers concerning Mrs Cindy Palmitter may her soul rest in peace
- Mr and mrs. robert and crystal gardner-asher
I pray for the people who have prejudice in their hearts. I pray for the people who discriminate against disabled people. May they find peace in their hearts in order to stop rejoicing at the suffering of others.
- Violeta R.
I am facing a possible DUI.
- Guillermo Q
I pray that the Spirit of Pentecost would come upon my congregation as we discern God's leading.
- Annie W.
Please pray for the special intentions of Mr. Marshall and family.
- Rev. M.B.A. Kwong
Requesting prayer for Mike A, for emotional healing, issues of bitterness, unforgiveness, to attain Godly wisdom, and for restoration of of our relationship. Also for him to get back on his feet financially, job stability. Thank you :)
- Lisa B.
Please pray for the seminarians and other students who are preparing for ministry, ordained or otherwise, that our work will bear fruit.
- Chris
For a return to good health.
- Esther H.