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Please pray with me for the Lord's Grace and intercetion in the lives of my daughters and my son Matthew and my Mother,amen
- Rob
Please pray for my job, I always worry I am close to losing it, especially in these poor economic times.
- Anthony
Please pray that Christ gives me peace and shows me what path I am supposed to be taking. Just passed up for a promotion, had a baby, and need a raise.
- Curtis
Please pray that God will lead me a church that accepts gay people, and that I can increase my faith.
- Justin B
Pray that I am able to find myself in my new religion... I am a teenager who wasn't raised Christian who's trying to bring God into her life
- Bella K.
Please pray that all the words of iniquity and spells made against Me will become graces, that all evil, intrigues and lies be taken from my life.
- Rob
I haven't worked for about a week and I need steady employment with benefits for me and my wife in my field (nursing). Pray for me that soon I receive profitabl
- anonymous a.
For Patricia, and her beautiful children, as they struggle with courage & love through her cancer. Please grant them grace & serenity. With thanks and love.
- Jeannette E
Lord Christ bless those in pain, emotional and physical, with your loving embrace and your unwavering strength. Amen
- Jess