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Almighty God with our hearts filled with gratitude we thank You for sending Your Angels & Saints to heal us, comfort us, & guide us. Thank You for blessing us.
- John Ross
Please keep my Aunt and Mother lifted in prayer. My aunt is in the Hospital after suffering a stroke. My Mother is there with her at ICU. Send healing, Lord.
- Brian
I believe in prayer so I ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April's heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage
- Thomas Cahill
Please pray for medicine correction of atrial flutter for TJ.
- Linda
I pray for healing for my dearest friend. Please be with her in this most difficult time and grant her peace as she makes this journey.
- Jean L
I do not want to lose my job.
- Jean
Pray for Darren and his family - for their health and well being, for strength in faith and family bonding.
- Darren
To deliver from demonic coercion & unwelcomed control I cry out keep her above the evil for God's favor & glory to renew her Faith daily surround like a shield.
- Wanda T
For reconciliation in gender, law, and politics; reverse gender discrimination in employment, economic justice, equal access to health, and mental health.
- Jonathan M.