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What do you do when you give your best only to have it thrown back you because of the color of your skin? What do you do when you are being harassed? Help.
I fear that I am about to sabotaged and undermined at work because of my race. It's just a sick feeling that I have. I don't have any recourse here. Help.
Please pray for my mom Victoria that the lump in her breast is benign.
- Rachel H.
Please pray for my cousin’s son, who was seriously injured in a car accident this morning. God watch over him and bring him healing. Amen.
- GZ
Almighty Father, please assist us in displays of proper respect among your celestial grandchildren. May we please approach instinctive racism with sacredness.
- Daniel
Job searching, limited funds, career discernment, God's protection and guidance to a more fulfilling career with good management and leadership.
- Jonathan M
Please pray for my son to enroll in 6th grade in a good school where he can get support. He is 95th on a waiting list in 3 schools and we are very worried. Amen
- Vlado A
Please Pray the health of Jennifer. In the name of Jesus, amen
- Rob
I pray for my two sons that they will finish the semester strong and secure jobs for the summer.
- Robin T