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I pray for all who are affected and negatively impacted by COVID19 -- physically, emotionally, and economically. I also pray for front-line responders.
- Jonathan
for my friend's mother going into surgery
- m
I'm 64, have no living family and I have COVID-19. PLEASE pray for Jesus to heal me completely. I want to have faith, but I'm scared. Thank you.
- Marion
Prego che l`umanita` condivida l`unica saggezza nel nome del Padre
- A.B.
prayers for a young woman in the Healthcare profession. Hospitalized with covid19, pneumonia and secondary infection they can't locate.
- Lynn A
When we are in despair, that we open our eyes and hearts to receiving Christ's love through friends, family, neighbors, strangers and nature's beauty
- Fred M
I ask for prayers to be said for young Maizie who is very ill. Give her strength to fight her illness and may her entire family find succor in prayer.
- Susie
I ask prayers for migrants, immigrants, the homeless, and all others. May they be guided under God's hand and feel God's love through God's people. Amen.
- Alex C
Praise and thanks to God for the fact that my prayers on behalf of others were answered, and all is now well. Alleluia!
- Carla G.