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My car is broke down and I lost my job. Pray my tax comes in to fix the car so my family doesn't lose everything.
- Henry
I pray to Jesus that family to withstand ice and fire to he that hear me I will shout glory to his name.
- Roshaune
Please pray that I get the job that I applied for, and that relocation will be included/possible.
- Curtis
Please pray for Me. May the Lord involve Me and my Job, and Fátima with protection that no weapon formed against us will prosper, amen
Most merciful God. Please hear our prayers our faith are so dim at this time we need to pray for one another and through our prayers we hope to find a cure soon
- Sylvia
I pray for all who are affected and negatively impacted by COVID19 -- physically, emotionally, and economically. I also pray for front-line responders.
- Jonathan
for my friend's mother going into surgery
- m
I'm 64, have no living family and I have COVID-19. PLEASE pray for Jesus to heal me completely. I want to have faith, but I'm scared. Thank you.
- Marion
Prego che l`umanita` condivida l`unica saggezza nel nome del Padre
- A.B.