November 4, 2013
Wendy Johnson

Mission MondaysThe Episcopal Youth Event (EYE’14) is the single largest gathering of young people in our church.

3 Days of Urban Mission will most likely be the largest single-event mission opportunity our church offers.

Each person traveling to EYE’14 is Marked for Mission. Recognizing this, we are offering 3 Days of Urban Mission as a continuation of the EYE experience; an opportunity to put faith in action and begin flexing our mission muscles.

Three years ago at EYE’11, we ran our very first 3 Days of Mission. While it was a “beta” experience, what we learned was that Episcopalians are hungry to build relationships, take a stand for justice, and invest in meaningful mission experiences.

We are excited to carry forward this enthusiasm and purpose into 3 Days of Urban Mission.

As you put together your itinerary for EYE’14, we urge you to plan to participate in 3 Days of Urban Mission: July 13-16. We anticipate the inclusive price for the program will be $275 – $300 per person and will finalize the price as soon as the lodging contract is executed.

In the meantime, I offer a few reminder links as you to prepare for EYE’14:

Here is the newly prepared EYE’14 FAQ:

Here is a link to the registration information for EYE’14 (including instructions for diocesan registrars):

Here is a link to sign-up for the EpiscoYouth newsletter (this is how we will communicate important EYE’14 related information):

Here is the last EpiscoYouth newsletter, which focused on EYE’14: