UTO Announces First Round of the 2021 Grants

November 4, 2020
Joyce Landers, UTO Board Vice President for Grants

The UTO Board is very pleased to announce the Fall 2021 UTO Grant recipients. Although these grants will be funded during the 2020 calendar year, they are considered part of the 2021 granting cycle, since the money comes from the 2020 Ingathering. We received 59 applications totaling $978,698.70, which is almost double the amount we received in offerings by the August 30 deadline. We were able to award 26 grants totaling $474,431.04, but we wish we could have funded more. With your help and generosity, we can increase the Ingathering for our next round of grants and fund additional worthy projects.

The Board wishes to congratulate those who were funded and encourage those who fell below the funding line to consider reapplying during the next granting cycle. The focus and criteria are the same, and the application and associated forms are already available on our website. The deadline for those applications is Friday, February 26, 2021 at 5 p.m. EST. As always, our UTO Staff Officer, the Rev Canon Heather Melton, is available to help you in any way. Her email is hmelton@episcopalchurch.org. Please note that the level of assistance she can provide decreases the closer we get to the deadline. We will be offering two sets of webinars on Tuesday, December 1 and Tuesday, January 12 at noon and 7 p.m. EST so you have the opportunity to ask questions. Information for how to sign up for these webinars can be found below.

As members of the UTO Board, we understand that each application we receive represents a leap of faith in response to God’s divine inspiration. We both celebrate with those who were funded and mourn with those who were not. We appreciate that every penny we issue originates from the prayers of gratitude offered by people from all over the world. Your dreams can become a reality through the generosity of those who give in thankfulness. Please help us to promote the practice of gratitude and giving to the UTO Ingathering so that we can support even more projects in the future.