The United Thank Offering and the Staff of the Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care Team Present: The Gospel of Mark Weekly Zoom Bible Study as a Part of the 2021 Good Book Club

November 4, 2020

Join us as we work our way through the Gospel of Mark during Epiphany. Each week, we will gather and talk about the history and context of the portion of the Gospel of Mark that we read the week prior. Everyone will be invited to share what stood out to them, and then we’ll end by examining the text to learn what it says regarding gratitude through the relationships presented in the Gospel of Mark. This gathering is meant for those who might be new to the Gospel of Mark and are looking for a welcoming and fun introduction to the oldest Gospel.

Every week, different members of the Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care Team will join us to dive into the text and share about their work. Come with your questions, insights, or thoughts on the Gospel of Mark.

Week One: January 1-7, Mark 1-3:35
Week Two: January 8-14, Mark 4-6:29
Week Three: January 15-21, Mark 6:30-8:26
Week Four: January 22-28, Mark 8:27-10:52
Week Five: January 29-February 4, Mark 11:1-13:13
Week Six: February 5-11, Mark 13:14-14:72
Week Seven: February 12-16, Mark 15-the end

Register now for the Zoom Bible Study:
This registration link will allow you access to all seven sessions of the Bible Study. Come to as many as you are able to, and we will resend the login each week as a reminder.

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