Thank You to All of Our Past UTO Coordinators!

June 11, 2018
UTO Board

As a part of our pre-convention packet/registration, we asked for information to help populate our new database (we’ll keep asking for it through Convention and then give you ways to update it as time goes by). One of the things we asked was for you to let us know if a UTO coordinator has rotated out of leadership recently. Thank you to everyone who let us know about changes in leadership because it gives us a chance to thank those individuals for their leadership and update our records for ongoing communications. If you indicated that you have replaced someone since last General Convention (by June 1), then we’ve mailed a certificate to your diocese to be signed and given to that person. We also want to thank those who have led UTO and rotated out over the past three years. Thank you for all of the time, effort, and care you’ve put in to help promote a personal spiritual discipline of gratitude, increase giving to UTO, and assist people in preparing UTO grant applications. We can’t do our work without all of our dedicated UTO coordinators/organizers, so thank you!

Thank You, Past UTO Coordinators!
Diane Burrows, Diocese of Atlanta
Carol Paris, Diocese of Central Florida
Annie Jacobs, Diocese of East Carolina
Jackie Wright, Diocese of Florida
Suzanne Harow, Diocese of Georgia
Janet Higbie, Diocese of Indianapolis
Monica Edwards, Diocese of Long Island
Greta Brown, Diocese of New Jersey
Gwen Black, Diocese of Northern Indiana
Cindy Olive, Diocese of Northwest Texas
Steve Avery, Diocese of Oregon
Mary Beth Perisho, Diocese of Pennsylvania
Dottie Leland (deceased), Diocese of Spokane
Jan Gossens, Diocese of Springfield
Joyce Haines, Diocese of Southern Virginia
Kathy Johnson, Diocese of Southeast Florida
Phyllis Webb, Diocese of Upper South Carolina
Cindy Helton, Diocese of Virginia

If you have rotated off as a UTO diocesan coordinator since last General Convention/Triennial and your name is not listed above, please email Heather at hmelton@episopalchurch.orgso she can add you to the list and send a certificate.

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